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Smashed up your DJI Phantom? Crashed your Inspire and need a quick turnaround? We are your Western Canadian source for drone repairs! PLEASE NOTE: We are not yet approved to do warranty repairs for DJI (working on it!). Our repairs cover damages due to hard landings, accidental crashes etc. We will work on drones still under warranty but this may void future warranty repairs done by DJI HQ.
With most repairs completed in under 4-6 days (express options available), we are Canada's leading drone repair centre. Our skilled technicians have years of experience in building and flying UAVs and are able to fix almost anything you can send us.
1. Please email repairs@aerialtech.com with a detailed description of your repair needs (include photos when possible) and we will reply shortly with a rough repair estimate (more accurate assessment will be sent once we receive the unit).
2. Securely package your drone, controller and batteries in a cardboard box and/or case and record the package size & weight.
3. Add 1 Base Drone Repair Rate to your cart. Prior to checking out, please place the size & weight of your box in the order notes. This will allow us to generate the proper shipping label for your drone. 
4. Please print your order confirmation and any repair emails and place them inside the box.
5. Once you receive the shipping label, place it on the package and drop it off at your nearest UPS, FedEx or Canada Post depot (Please select which shipping depots you have access to by clicking on all applicable depots listed near the top of the page). 
6. We will email you once we receive the package with a more detailed quote for approval.
Please email us with any questions you may have! Thank you, 
--AerialTech Inc.


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