Phantom 3 Versus Inspire 1

Phantom 3 Vs. Inspire 1

Almost on a daily basis we get the question: "Why should I buy an Inspire 1 when the Phantom has almost all the same features? Are they not basically the same machine?" Yes, we agree that the new Phantom 3 is an incredible new platform packed with features, but it does not directly compete with the Inspire 1, for a few reasons:
1. Modular/Interchangeable Camera system: The Inspire 1 has a removeable/modular camera pod, designed to allow for future upgrades. Although nothing has yet been officially confirmed as to new camera options, rumors are floating around that a thermal or near infrared camera is in the works for the Inspire 1. This is one very important and often overlooked feature of the Inspire 1 that the Phantom 3 does not have...With the Phantom you are tied to the integrated camera and gimbal unit, with no real possibility of future upgrades. Also, DJI recently announced a handheld mount for the Inspire 1 Camera/Gimbal system, which would allow you to simply detach the Inspire camera from the drone, mount it on the handheld mount, and obtain perfectly smooth footage when walking, running, riding a bike etc. This handheld mount will be an excellent tool for realtors (home walk-throughs), videographers filming action sports, etc.
2. Retractable landing gear: (a) "But I can just rotate the Phantom 3 and in effect have a controllable pan axis like the Inspire 1." This is true to a point, but here is why the retractable landing gear is very important, especially to semi-pro or pro operators....If you are flying a very technical flight path, say, within a few feet of a speeding car, the pilot will definitely not want to take his eyes off of the drone, and will want to focus on following the car around a track or even simply in a straight line. He will want to leave the steering of the camera/gimbal unit to his dedicated camera operator, who, inversely, will want to be focussing strictly on following the vehicle with the camera, and not worrying about piloting the drone. The camera operator can pan the camera completely independent of the drone movements. If you never plan on doing anything like this, the Phantom 3 will probably be your best bet, but many pro operators will quickly realize the benefit of retractable landing gear and a dual operator setup. The other reason retractable landing gear is a big bonus is (b) no propellers in your shot. Phantom users will soon realize that when performing fast forward flight propellers will show up in their shot when their camera is pointed forward. We have gone well over 100 km/h with our Inspire with no propellers in the shot. This is a huge bonus to those filming action sports where high speeds are common place...
3. Increased power: The Inspire uses a 6 cell lipo battery for it's power system, while the Phantom 3 uses a 4 cell setup. The higher levels of power delivery in the Inspire translates to better wind handling, increased forward speed when fighting a headwind, and greatly increased speed in fast forward flight. Again, you will have to decide if this is important to your or not...
4. No HDMI Output: The Phantom 3 transmitter does not have HDMI output on the transmitter, like the Inspire 1. Where this comes into play is if you are looking at using HD goggles to fly FPV (First-Person-View), as there is no HDMI-out option on the Phantom...
And last but not least, the Inspire simply "looks" more professional than the small white Phantom. It looks futuristic compared to the more toy-like appearance of the Phantom. Again, this may not be a big deal to you, but if you are looking at ever going pro with your aerial footage and possibly doing work on a film set etc, the Inspire simply appears more professional than the Phantom lineup...
All of these features do not detract from the amazing capabilities of the Phantom 3. It really is a feature packed machine, however the two units do not directly compete with each other. For many users the Phantom will have everything they need. For more advanced users, the Inspire is without a doubt the way to go...
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