Frustrated with doing your own firmware update? Chopped up a sapling with your Inspire 2? Found out your Mavic can't swim?

We are Western Canada's #1 Drone Repair shop! We repair the full line of DJI drones, and can fix damages due to hard landings, accidental crashes and much more.

With most repairs completed in under 3 days (express options available), we are the #1 choice for drone repair services. Our skilled technicians have years of experience in building and flying UAVs and are able to fix almost anything you can send us!

How to submit for a repair:
1. Fill out the repair form on this page
2. Pack up your drone
3. Ship it to us!
After receiving your drone we will contact you with a repair estimate for approval. Once approved, our techs will get right to work and complete the repairs quickly. We always update, calibrate, and flight test repaired units so you can rest assured we are shipping your drone back fully functional.
-Shop rate for repairs is $100/hr (minimum half hour charge).
-We always carefully inspect repaired drones and test all functions. We also perform all DJI recommended updates. If you would prefer that we did not update your drone to the latest software please mention this when submitting your repair form.
-Please do not send us your SD cards or other accessories. 
-Please do send us your batteries and controller so that we can ensure all updates are completed (batteries must all be updated individually).