Mavic 2 Zoom PGYTECH Accessories Combo


$120.00 CAD

Note: 2-3 weeks for delivery

Enhance your flying experience and take off anytime, anywhere!

The accessories combo for the Mavic 2 Zoom includes:

- Lens Hood

- Control Stick Protector

- Landing Gear Extensions

- Propeller Holder 

- Landing Pad (Pro): Take off and land safely anywhere, fabricated from waterproof material that is UV resistant. Double sided color design to highlight the exact location of the landing pad. 

- ND Filters Combo Set ND 8/16/32/64 (Advanced)

- Carrying Case: Contains enough room for the Mavic 2 Zoom, remote controller, up to 5 batteries, USB cable, charging hub, car charger and up to a 7.9 inch tablet.