Mavic 2 PGYTECH Landing Gear with LED Headlamps


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Landing Gear Extensions LED Headlamp Set for MAVIC 2

Raise your Mavic 2 35mm for the ability to take-off and land in most terrain.

Suitable for:

  • Portrait Light
  • Navigation
  • Flashing Light
  • Night Vision

Multiple Light Settings:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Flashing


TPU soft rubber

Through the secondary injection molding, it fits perfectly with the drone body, High elasticity and wear resistance,Prevent the landing gear from falling off the drone and prevent the drone body from being scratched. Reduce the vibration when the drone is landing.

Buckle prevents falling off

Built-in EVA anti-vibration pad prevents the landing gear from scratching the drone. Makes it fit tightly to the drone body, preventing the landing gear from loosening; preventing the it from falling off the drone.


Easy to use

Twist the lamp holder to adjust the light intensity

The light source is controllable, and the LED light can be rotated up to 50° and down by 30°.

LED guide plate,high intensity 122-130LM

Long Lasting

The highlight model can maintain 25 minutes; the middle-level light model can maintain 50 minutes (middle-level light); and the dim light model can maintain 5h.

Notes: all above parameters are tested by AAA alkaline battery