Ronin-S Essentials Kit

by DJI

$739.00 CAD

Note: 2-3 weeks for delivery

Ronin-S Gimbal Stabilizer - Essentials Kit 

Includes the same Ronin-S 3-Axis handheld and all its innovative features. The Ronin-S Essentials Kit, released at a more affordable price point, was created to help more creators realize their vision and capture smooth, stable and cinematic footage. The Ronin-S can handle a maximum weight of 3.6 kg, can remain stable at up to 75 kph, and with a high-capacity battery can provide up to 12 hours of operation.  

 The new Ronin-S features DJI's patented stabilization technology and is made with a lightweight and singlehanded design so that creators can film with freedom.

  • Superior 3-Axis Stabilization
  • 3.6 kg Tested Payload Capacity
  • Camera Control
  • Pro Accessory Compatibility
  • Fine Focus Control
  • Automated Smart Features
  • Angled Roll Motor


The Ronin-S enables independent filmmakers to capture any moment with smoothness and an all-new fresh perspective. Operators can shoot on the move and become their very own film crew. The modular, detachable design of the Ronin-S makes it easy to store and transport. Thanks to the quick-release plate design, users can also easily mount their camera and gimbal unit for tracking shots or even on tripods for stunning still imagery.


Extremely Smooth Footage

The Ronin S features Auto-Tune technology for optimized torque control. The powerful torque motors will automatically stabilize your shots at speeds of up to 75 kph when mounted on moving platforms.

Divers Camera Compatibility

Supporting almost any DSLR or mirrorless camera set up for complete and direct camera control, allowing users to have total freedom to choose the perfect configuration for the job at hand. 

Always Stay Focused 

With the Focus Wheel, users will be able to focus on their subjects better and easier. When operators connect a compatible camera to the Ronin S, users can easily pull focus via the included cable. The Ronin S also comes with an external motor that can be added to bring broader compatibility to all lens types.

Innovative Design 

The Ronin S's innovative framework will elevate camera payload capabilities over the roll axis. so that the camera's built-in display is free of obstructions and always within line of sight.  As well providing users with an unobstructed view, the angled roll motor provides a more balanced setup.

Full Control

With SmoothTrack technology users can transition from motion to camera angle and back with one hand. Users can switch between three user profiles with a simple touch of the M button, or even capture fast-moving objects in Sports Mode.

Comfortable Design 

The Ronin S is designed to be ergonomic. The detachable design enables users numerous usage scenarios. Operators can mount the unit to an RC buggy for low-ground tracking shots or have the Ronin S act as a stabilized remote head when attached to a jib. The detachable design also makes the Ronin S more portable and easier to store.

Automated Creative Modes

With planning and creativity, creators can make the most dramatic and cinematic scenes. The Ronin-S features a full suite of automated features via the DJI Ronin app, which enables users to produce even more creative professional footage to unlock their full cinematic potential.

Full Ecosystem

The Ronin-S system features multiple accessory mounts and add-ons including LED lights, external monitors, and microphones. DJI control devices offer a wide range of control options, including Force Pro for intuitive operation as well as Master Wheels for more precise gimbal movements. The Ronin S additionally features an S-Bus port that is compatible with other third-party remote controllers.